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The purpose of the Aznar Textil web site is to facilitate knowledge of the company and its activities. Aznar Textil reserves the right to modify the information which appears on the web site at any time without notice. Aznar Textil disclaims any liability for the consequences, damages or harm which may occur from accessing the web site, the use of the information which it contains or access to any other material which may be accessed through its links.

Intellectual property of the web site

Copyright © 2012. All rights of use are reserved by AZNAR TEXTIL S.L.U. with Tax ID Nº ES-B-97697304 and address VILLA DE BILBAO, 2 POL. IND. FUENTE DEL JARRO C.P.46988, VALENCIA, SPAIN.

The rights of all intellectual property, graphic design and codes on the web site are owned by Aznar Textil. The rights of use of the aforementioned in any form, and especially the rights of reproduction, distribution, transformation and public communication also belong to Aznar Textil.

Conditions for partial reproduction

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Responsibility for links

The function of the links which appear on this web site is solely informative. Aznar Textil disclaims any responsibility for the information contained on these web sites. The references made on the Aznar Textil web site to any product, service, process, link, hyper text or any other information using the brand, commercial name, manufacturer or supplier which are the property of third parties does not constitute or imply backing, sponsorship or recommendation on the part of Aznar Textil.

Responsibility for security

Aznar Textil does not accept responsibility for any possible errors in security that may arise from the use of non-updated navigators, nor for any consequences which may occur from the poor functioning of the navigator, be they from incorrect configuration, the presence of a web virus or any other cause other than AZNAR TEXTIL S.L.U.

Responsibility for the contents of the web site

Aznar Textil disclaims any responsibility which may derive from the misuse of the contents and reserves the right to update, eliminate, limit or impede access to them, temporarily or permanently.

Aznar Textil disclaims any responsibility for any information not contained in this web site and, hence, not elaborated by Aznar Textil or published in its name.

Aznar Textil disclaims any responsibility for possible discrepancies that may arise between the printed version of any documents and the electronic version of the same published on its web site.

Aznar Textil disclaims any responsibility for the use of its website by minors. Aznar Textil is not responsible for any damage which the contents of its website may cause to the sensitivities of minors. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure the correct use of an instrument such as the Internet and accompany minors during its use.

Privacy policy

Aznar Textil guarantees the confidentiality of the data provided by our customers, users and visitors and to comply with the current legal requirements. In accordance with that established in law 15/1999 of the 13th of December, Protection of Personal Data, Aznar Textil agrees to comply with the obligation to maintain the secrecy of data of a personal nature, its duty to keep it and adopt the necessary measures to avoid its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, taking into account at all times the state of technology.

In consecuence:

  • The data collected through forms, emails and other means will be destined solely for the ends indicated on the form which the user completes.
  • We will not pass to, sell to or share with third parties the data provided by users.
  • We will not contact any user unless it is expressly necessary for the service required.
  • You have the right to obtain information regarding said data and its rectification, cancelation or objection by sending us an email.

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